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Anime Coloring Books (ぬりえ)

RARE Anime Coloring Books For Sale

Anime Coloring Books
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I am in the process of selling all my anime coloring books. I have collected nearly 200 over the years and now I need to find them a good home.

These books, for the most part are RARE in the US, it takes a lot of hunting, luck, and expense to find them as these are not typical items anime stores in the US stock. So if you are interested, this is your chance to find a really wide selection of some really rare and beautiful (IMHO) art books that you can have fun with!

I'm going to start listing my coloring books on my online store and on eBay for auction.

I'm going to post the information here on the coloring books I have and hopefully generate some interest or at least let people know before hand what is coming up for auction. If you are interested in a particular book, let me know and i'll move it to the top of the list.

Thanks for looking and I hope you will find something special to buy!

The best way to be notified with updates is to TRACK the community when a new post is added and have them emailed to you.

PS. Please don't ask for copies of the books. I will not release copies until I SELL my ALL my originals. If you want a book, you can buy or trade for it.